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Arizona State University - All Campuses (AZ)
School Of Art
(480) 965-2409
$75,597 salary (2008)
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3.9 /5
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5 4 4 5 3 ARS 472 (Fall 2010)
12/14/10: I actually studied abroad with her in China. Coming from a major that wasn't Art History, I expected to be way over my head, but I was so wrong. Dr. Brown is very nice and helpful, and even answered all my stupid questions. Be sure to get on her good side by showing an interest in the subject, and stay there by turning in well-written work on time - source:
5 3 3 4 3 ARS 472 (Spring 2008)
01/14/08: Her lectures are very involved, and she is interesting, She has handouts that have a lot of information on them, which tends to trip people up on her tests which are actually fairly easy if you just memorize what is on the study guide. She has a TON of extra credit 80 points out of a class that is worth 400 points total. DO IT. - source:

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