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Arizona State University - All Campuses (AZ)
(480) 965-5778
$56,733 salary (2008)
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3.2 /5
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5 3 4 4 3 REL 394 (Fall 2010)
08/27/10: Great prof, only quizzes you on the oddities from the books you read to ensure you read them. Wants you to be in class though. But he is always interesting. - source:
5 5 3 5 3 REL 294 (Spring 2010)
03/10/10: Mayan background and knows his stuff. It was a pleasure to have an instructor still passionate about his work. It shows and it can be contagious. Very open minded and speaks his mind. A refreshing change from the every day. - source:
3 3 1 3 3 REL 294 (Spring 2010)
01/03/10: My third class with this professor both previous grades were A's and upper division. Had a 100% going into the final paper and presentation ended up with a B. I made the mistake of addressing something he didn't agree with (even though I didn't either in my work) and this was too much for him. Tons of reading, kiss up to him and never disagree. - source:
5 5 5 4 3 REL 382 (Fall 2009)
12/19/09: Possibly the best teacher I've ever had at ASU. It's a class for expanding your outlook on religion, sex, science, and history as you might view it. If you're a prude, or find conversations questioning your religion unbearable, don't take his class. Incredibly easy if you do the reading. Good GPA booster. Miguel is a wonderful professor. - source:
3 3 4 2 3 REL 382 (Fall 2009)
11/30/09: Miguel is awesome. Really. He is funny and he knows what he is talking about. The tests are a joke. Weird, important, and bizarre facts from the reading will show up most. There will be other random nonsense. Listen to what he says in class. That will be extra credit. Very interesting. Very fun. Take the class. And spell magick like so :) - source:
12 reviews found

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