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Can't sign up for a college class because it is full?
With Class Alert phone and email notifications, you can customize your perfect class schedule every semester.
Receive free instant messages via SMS (txt), email or a phone call when:
a seat becomes available
courses are deleted or modified
changes are made to the professor
a limited course is being offered
No more continuously checking the course catalog for open seats.
Instead, let our free, automated alert system make your college life less stressful.
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With Class Alert, you can find out the required textbooks for your college classes, and you can automatically search all major online textbook stores for the lowest price available.
Title: University Physics Volume 2 11th Edition
Author: Roger A. Freedman
ISBN-13: 978-0805391817
From $25.99 to $120.85
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Sick of getting ripped off by your school's bookstore?
Buy, Rent or Sell your textbooks all in one convenient place for the lowest price possible
Receive an alert the instant a textbook you want or need drops below a certain price

Professor Reviews

Class Alert has an extensive collection of student-published professor ratings and reviews.
Dr. Fred Williams
Overall Clarity: 4.6 out of 5
Overall Quality: 4.3 out of 5
Overall Easiness: 4.2 out of 5
Overall Helpfulness: 3.8 out of 5
11/23/10 - He is really easy going and understanding professor. He is helpful and you will enjoy his class
10/17/10 - At first I thought he would be a great prof. I WAS WRONG. He says to study but not WHAT to study and gives homework without teaching what not to learn. I will go a semester without taking 102 before I take a class from him again.
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Want to know how your professor teaches before the first day of class?
Protect yourself from getting stuck with bad professors by reading their reviews before registering.

Grade Distributions

With Class Alert, you can compare previous years' grade distributions side-by-side based on courses and professors, allowing you to set your class schedule and yourself up for success.
ENG 101 with Professor A
ENG 101 with Professor B
Avg GPA: 3.2 with a 93% Pass Rate
Avg GPA: 2.1 with a 48% Pass Rate
Increase your chances of passing the class AND boosting your GPA.
When determining which professor to take, give yourself the advantage by using accurate grade distributions from previous semesters.
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