The History of Class Alert

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Class Alert was started and is run by college students who were tired of spending so much time constantly checking their college's online course catalog to see if a seat in a full class had opened up. The concept
class alert server systemswas created by Echovoice® LLC's founder. Being an engineering student at the univerity with the largest student body in the country, he knew firsthand how frustrating it can be when the courses you need to take to stay on track are full each semester. After always being stuck with 7am classes and/or teachers with heavy accents, he developed a system of alerting himself via SMS (txt), automated phone call or email of changes in availability of the desired courses for his own personal use (patent pending). Once his friends got word of his design, they started asking him for the same convenience. From that point on, this website was built so students at universities all across the country could hopefully get the same benefits for free. Since the creation, other features relevant to college students such as purchasing textbooks and comparing professor/class reviews have been added to the website offering a centralized location for everything a student would need to customize their perfect class schedule. Class Alert is currently owned and operated by Echovoice® LLC, to use this site you must agree to the Terms of Service as well as the Privacy Policy. Any questions can be directed to our contact page by clicking here.
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